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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tool #11 Answering Questions

Making a photostory or a movie is my favorite tool. As I described earlier here are the ways I would use it:
1. A photostory can be used in many teaching ways starting with lecture, giving examples,creating a project or assessment and finishing with comparasion and discussion of one theme based photostories products created by different students (groups)and combined as one as a conclusion made of the best pieces.
I would personally have my students to create a photostory project given a particular physics assignment. Let's say solving one complicated multiple-steps physics problem by diffenet ways, presenting the ways by the groups ,discussing them and picking out the best one.
2.Given technology and mastering the tools would make a total difference in my classroom which would make learning environment more fun and give the chance to my students to explore the topic from different resourses,makng it more understandable and more sense!
3. I am not sure if I understand of what is being asked. The program took me MUCH MORE time than I expected probably because all these tools were new for me.


  1. Anya... I agree about the amount of time. There is so much available on the web. Finding exactly what I want to use with my students sometimes is very time consuming, but once you find something, you can save the site. I replied to your comments on my blog... on my blog. When I reply to comments, I'm never sure whether to reply on my blog or go to the other person's blog. If I reply on my blog, how do other people know I have responded to them?
    Congratulations on finishing!

  2. I remember when I took the 23 things, I spent WAY more than 12 hours on it as well. I became so interested in the tools and had a great time exploring and creating with them. Glad you found some tools you like and plan to use in your classroom!

  3. I think your students will love working with physics using technology. Different ways of communicating information will enhance the learning process.Congratulations on finishing the 11 tools.

  4. Wow! I can't believe you're already finished - Congrats. Personnally, I'm very concerned about the amount of time this seems to be taking people, including me so far and I'm only on Tool #2! Enjoy the rest of your summer break.

  5. I hope many of us work together to make sure we offer the best help to us and our students. I look forward to seeing the technology applications!